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Summit Lan

Ok, here's the update


LAN Party!!

Date: February 28-29
Time: Noon-Noon
Number of People: 30

Entry Fee: $15 to register, go to http://lan.skinned.net/forums and click "LAN Party Registration"

Where: Summit High, 2855 NW Clearwater Drive, Bend, Oregon 97701. if you need directions, do a mapquest, or contact rosko@lan.skinned.net

BRING YOUR OWN COMPUTER!! - if your computer can't run atleast 4 of the games below don't bother coming, it won't be enjoyable!

Food and Drink (meaning pizza & Mt. Dews) are provided free. We will be selling Rockstar there for $1.75 each.

To Be Announced

Games we'll play:
Half Life: CounterStrike
Half Life: Day Of Defeat
Half Life: Natural Selection
Warcraft III
Call Of Duty
Unreal Tournament 2003
Tribes 2: Shifter Mod
Quake 3
Battlefield 1942/Desert Combat
Anything else people want to play!

Go to: http://lan.skinned.net for more information or contact Zak Remer or Alex Blanton if you go to Summit or Katherine McAuliffe or Sarah Groeneveld if you go to Mountain View!
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